Thursday, April 10, 2014

His Turn.....

As I've mentioned more than once, Preston loves basketball! In January our school/church was holding a free throw contest. It was broken down by age group. The kids got 25 shots and the best scores would advance to the next round. Preston and his friend and teammate Colby tied for first and had to shoot 15 more baskets to break the tie. They were both exhausted. Preston ended up with a higher score and went onto the next round. Two rounds later it was championship time. Preston came out on top! I was so proud of him! Free throws and three pointers are his basketball strengths. He got the nickname "P.T. for Three" this season. Now P.T. needs to work on dribbling and his ball handling skills.
Good job, Buddy!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


This big win is bitter sweet. Parker has been playing basketball for two years, Preston for three. For Preston basketball is life. He plays constantly, practices, works with coaches, goes to camps, you name it. Anything he can do to play, practice, have fun and get better he'll do. Parker just goes out and plays for fun. This year Parker's team went undefeated the entire season and won the championship. I loved watching him every step of the way, and I was so excited when they won. However, it was heartbreaking watching Preston. He wants it more, he works harder than his brother, and he is truly passionate about it. He was a good sport about it, but I could see how hard it was for him. I am proud of them both!
Thankfully this is the team trophy that will be displayed in the school. I don't want this thing sitting around needing to be dusted!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Our Trip & DIY Disney Shirts!

Finally! I'm sure you were all thinking we didn't really go to Disneyland! Well, we really did. We went on our usual trip flying out the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The weather was absolutely perfect, and we had a great time! The boys wanted Grandma Chickie to come with us this year so we brought her along. They had a blast! I don't think that most kids have hip Grannies that will ride all the rides with them. By far the highlight of our trip was Cars Land. Since we skipped going last year it was the first time we had seen it. We all fell in love with it and spent a lot of time there.


This was our first ride on Radiator Springs Racers. I think the picture tells you how much we loved it!
I made the shirts that the boys are wearing in this picture, but not mine or Travis's.
Heading into Disneyland. There is nothing like the feeling you get on Main Street, especially when it's decked out for Christmas!
These are some of the Disney shirts that I made for our trip and these are my favorites. I love the old original Disneyland sign from my childhood. If anyone is wondering, I made the design in PhotoShop, cut it out of freezer paper with my Silhouette Cameo then used Tulip fabric paint to paint them. Very easy!
I made these hoodies as well. Same process as the tee shirts I just used more paint colors.
I made these as well. Parker loves the writing on the back.
I love this picture. Seeing Goofy is always a highlight!
Tower of Terror is by far one of our favorite rides. We go on it countless times every time we are there.
We made the boys ride It's a Small World twice. They were dying! Totally not their thing. However, their mother loves it at Christmas so they had to suck it up!
More DIY Disney tee shirts.
Our last picture as we are getting ready to leave the park.
See ya next time Disneyland!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snow (sorta) boys!

Love these ski boys! There has not been a lot of snow this year, but the boys are trying to make the best of it before it's all melted away. The weather is pretty much perfect spring skiing conditions. The problem? It's January!
P.S. I will try to get Disney pictures up one of these days. :)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Oh, Shed!

My dad rocks! My dad is retired and extremely bored. I was joking with him over the winter that since he built my sisters dog a dog house that he should build us a shed. I kept telling him it was the exact same thing he just needed to make it way bigger. He called us one day and said to meet him at Home Depot, a.k.a. my second happy place, to buy the wood. His boredom overtook him and he was ready for a project!
The happy builders! 
We had a few arguments over the windows. He didn't want windows, I did. Once I bought the windows he wanted them on the ends (north/south) so the shed would get better ventilation. Yes, that is probably true, I was just trying to make it cute. So windows on the front, the colors I wanted, and we were good to go!
As a joke my dad put that moon on the door thinking it would bug me and I'd "squak" about it. I love it! I totally ruined his day when I left the moon up and told him I was going to paint it yellow. Besides saving us a bunch of money by building a shed rather than buying one, it kept  my dad busy for a few months. See, my dad rocks! Now I just need him to get bored enough to build us a chicken coop. My angle is going to be it's bigger than a dog house, but smaller than a shed!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mini Front Porch Re-do

I have had these purple chairs for years and I've been sick of the purple for a while now.
I finally got around to repainting them. They are going to stay this color forever since they were a pain the ass to paint! My favorite part is the pillows. I had it in my pea brain that I wanted lime green pillows with birds on them. Of course, I could not find them anywhere. I finally found these lime green cushion covers at IKEA for cheap and painted/stenciled the birds on.
Now I just need to get around to pulling out that dead tree that's right smack in the middle of the pictures!