Thursday, April 28, 2011

Midnight Snack!

Parker is a total junk food junkie! He would eat candy 24/7 if he could. We have had issues with him sneaking into the pantry and eating anything junkie he can get his hands on.  For a smart kid, he can't seem to figure out to throw away the wrappers. He leaves them all over the place & he is busted.

For the obvious reasons he loves Halloween, Christmas and Easter. My kids have enough candy in their baskets to last for years. On Sunday night we were putting the kids to bed & I went to give Parker a boost over his toddler rail that is on his bed. I put my hand on his butt and I felt a "crinkle, crinkle". I asked him what was on his bottom and he looked at me, totally straight faced, and said "nothing". I felt again and asked him if he had Easter candy in his pants. Again, "no" but this time with a bit of a giggle. I pulled his PJ's down and he had a pack of Sixlets in his butt crack! We were all laughing so hard that I could not get after him. He just wanted a midnight snack. Needless to say, those Sixlets went far, far away!

As you can tell by the shape, they are the perfect size for a butt crack snack!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Parker has had a loose tooth for a good six months. For the last 4-5 weeks it has been really loose but he refused to let anyone "help" it out. His permanent tooth was starting to come in very crooked so I told him he had to let us pull it, or he was going to the dentist. That night Travis slid some floss under it and it was out without even trying. Parker had no idea it was out until I told him. OMG! He cried, and cried and cried! I tried not to laugh too hard, but his wailing was pretty funny!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Snow Weekend!

This past weekend we spent up at Alta for a little get-away. Each year the Rustler Lodge ( invites Travis up as a thank-you to wrap up ski season. It is one of my favorite weekends of the year. The Rustler Lodge is wonderful! They have the best food, wonderful service and the location can't be beat!

This is the view from our room. Who doesn't want to wake up and see this! It snowed each morning and it was beautiful! Alta currently has over 15' of snow & more on the way. 
It's April, right?
Preston, Travis & Parker
Preston & Parker
Preston, Travis & Parker. This lift is right outside our room.
Preston, Brandy & Parker.
My time on the slopes involves me walking up the hill so I can take pictures as everyone skis past looking at me like I'm an idiot. 
Parker. This is right outside our room.
Parker, Preston & Travis. The air was 38 degrees & the pool was 93 degrees.
It felt wonderful!
If I had this view from my treadmill I'd workout for hours each day. When we are here I workout longer and harder than I ever do at home. The view is heaven!

Lunch at the lodge.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Since we moved my dad has felt sorry for the boys because in his mind he thinks that they are bored and they don't have anything to do at our new house. He is constantly on our backs to get the yard done.  He has no concept of we don't have endless funds to put the yard in, and that this is Travis' busy season and he's working about 70 hours a week right now. So in his state of worrying about the kids, we have benefited from his purchase of a new basketball stand for our house. Thanks Dad, the boys love it!

P.S. Nobody tell him that the boys are outside running, jumping, biking, riding scooters, etc. with the neighbors every waking moment. Yep, they are bored!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Boring Day!

Last Friday and Saturday it snowed all day and all night. It was cold, wet & muddy so we were forced to spend the time indoors. Parker was so bored! He likes to be outside going 90 mph at all times. Preston was entertained with his science kit, Parker went from room to room making messes.

The thing I notice in this picture is how plain my office looks. I am re-doing some of my wall pictures and me thinks it's time to get them done!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Pictures

Each spring at the boys' school they take pictures. I always find them a pain in the backside. They boys don't have to wear their uniforms so that entailed a battle with Parker of what he could wear. They take pictures of all the kids, you can't opt out of them. About two weeks after picture day they send home a big packet of pictures. It has about 6 sheets of pictures, book markers, key chains, magnets & some other crap. You can either purchase the package or send them back in and pay nothing. Not once have I ever bought them. I find it a total waste of all the printing they do. But I thought I would share them with you before the package goes back.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Break!

Last week was spring break for the boys. I tried to keep them busy so we didn't sit around the house all week doing nothing. On Monday I took them to Incredible Pizza & Tuesday we went to see Diary of Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules (not cute like the first one). Wednesday was ski day but Parker woke up throwing up all over the place. I kept him home with me and Travis and Preston went skiing. Travis said that Preston told him at least 20 times that he was having so much fun without Parker. It made me happy that he had such a good day, and got some alone time with his dad. Parker and I sat home watching kid movies all day. Thursday I had to run a few errands and I took them out to lunch at one of their favorite places, Salt City Burger. Friday and Saturday were cousin days. Liam came over and the three of them did nothing but play in the dirt and ride bikes. By Saturday afternoon they were all so tired they could hardly walk. It was great for them!

Preston took a nose dive. I love his snow covered face and how his right pole went flying. 
Good thing there was lots of powder!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Major Award Arrival

Mr. Parker: It's a Major Award!
Swede: Shucks, I wouldn't know that. It looks like a lamp.
Mr. Parker: What is a lamp, you nincompoop? It's a Major Award. I won it!
Swede: Damn, hell, you say won it?
Mr. Parker: Yeah, mind power, Swede; mind power.

Ok. If you are not a Christmas Story fan, that totally went over your head!

When I got home today my Major Award was waiting for me on the front porch. I like how the Fed Ex guy "hid" it behind the chair. I could hardly see it.

Still confused? I can't help ya!

Friday, April 1, 2011


Parker loves to work in the yard. The other night he wanted to till & Travis and I really had no plans to work in the yard that night. Parker went into the garage, drug the tiller out, got it down in the dirt & we heard him in the front yard trying to start it. So Travis went out with him to till. That kid would stay outside 24/7 if he could.