Sunday, September 25, 2011

Harry Potter Birthday Party!

We made it though a house full of boys! Preston's 10th birthday bash was a blast! We did a Harry Potter theme and the boys loved it! I am happy that he remembered a year ago I promised him he could have a sleep-over when he turned 10.  The boys ran around all night, ate way too much sugar, and stayed up until 2:30 am giggling the night away. It was great! One of their favorite things, and kept them entertained for hours, was running around the house yelling spells. Right as the party was starting a big thunderstorm rolled in. Each time there was thunder I'd tell them it was Voldemort so they ran around putting protective charms on the house. It was a crack up!

Here is a sample of the invitations that I made.  I used the boys' yearbook pictures and made a personalized invite for each of them.They were a hit!
We could have saved a lot of money on food since the boys mostly just ate candy anyway!
 Preston made some little house tags and we used a witches hat to sort them into their houses.

 I made two different Harry Potter banners to decorate with. 
Being the crafty soul that I am, we made t-shirts and wands. Our first craft was the t-shirts.
I bought a bunch of extra black t-shirts to make sure that I had a good variety of sizes. I then returned all of the ones that we didn't use.  :)
These are all of the different shapes that I made for the kids to use on their shirts. I cut out seven of each shape so they could pick and choose how they wanted to do them.
 The boys thought it was so cool when their shirts started changing colors as they sprayed them.
This is Michael and he is a character! Look at his letters on his shirt. He thought it was funny he put them in the wrong order. He wanted people to try and figure out what it said.
Our next craft was painting wands. Travis found a dead tree branch and cut them and sanded them. I added some lines to them and they were ready to paint.
We set up two tables in the garage to do the crafting. After seeing all of the paint on the floor, I am glad we did.
Time for cake & ice cream!
The whole party gang: Preston, Jacksen, Michael, Christian, Harry, Michael, Tyler & Matthew.
For their gift bags I took giant Hershey bars and covered them with Harry Potter wrappers that had a little thank you message on the back.
The morning after. Shirts and wands done. Very little sleep. All sugared up and ready to go home.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Happy 7th Birthday Roo!
Today is Parker's 7th birthday. We are making him wait (mean!) until Sunday for his actual party. This gift came from his cousins yesterday and he was so excited. I honestly don't think I have ever seen him this happy! Thanks Erin, Nick, Aunt Lor Lor & Tom. Happy Birthday, love you buddy!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Annual School Pictures!

When I first started making these collages with the boys' school pictures, it felt like the little squares went on forever. Now it feels like they are filling up too fast!