Thursday, July 28, 2011

Breakfast of Champions!

The other morning I was still in drying my hair when Parker got up. When I came out of the bathroom & opened the blinds in my office I saw him out on the porch. He had taken matters into his own hands and got his own breakfast. A bag of  Doritos & chocolate milk with a straw. Gotta love that malnourished kid!

I love how he hid out on the porch to eat where he would not get caught. He had no idea I was taking pictures of him through the window.
And this is how he got to the Doritos. I have all of the junk food on the top shelf where I thought he could not get to it. He left the ladder there so he would have been busted even if I didn't see him on the porch.

Monday, July 25, 2011


This house is out in Herriman, right across the street from our old house. It is built as a replica of Disney Pixar’s UP. It is such a cute house! It will open up during the Parade of Homes & I want to take the kids to see the inside. For those of you who have never seen the movie … watch it! It is so cute, so sweet & I love it! If I had a cool $399K sitting around I'd totally buy this house!

 So cute!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Silver Lake!

The first part of July we took the boys fishing at Silver Lake up Big Cottonwood Canyon. The trail to the lake had only been open a few days because of all of the snow still on the ground. Again . . we went in JULY! We still had to walk through a fair amount of snow to get to the lake. JULY, JULY, JULY! I'd have to imagine it will be snowing again up there in about 8-10 more weeks.

That white stuff on the mountain? Snow!
That white stuff we are walking on? Snow!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Last weekend our neighbors went out of town for a few days. They asked Preston if he would take care of their pets while they were gone. I sent him over to get the instructions on what to do. I knew that they have a cat, but I thought that was all. When he got home he had instructions on how to feed the cat, ferrets, turtle, toads, fish and snake. Snake? I told him he was on his own! Good thing he is an animal lover. He wants to be a vet when he grows up and he has a "thing" with animals. He loves all animals and all animals love him. It made him feel good to be trusted with their pets and I was relieved they were all alive when our neighbors got home.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fishing with Elton!

The other night we took the boys out fishing to the lake at The Cove in Herriman. It is pretty close to our old house, and a fun little night of fishing. The thing I kept thinking when we were there is that we are well into July and we are all wearing jackets. Well, except for Elton who left his in the car and nobody would walk back and get it for him.

Little Elton John
Big Elton John

Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July Bash!

Our family tradition is to celebrate the 4th of July at my parent's house. We celebrate the 4th & my dad's birthday all in one bash. It is my favorite gathering at my parent's house. I was dreading this year a bit because it was supposed to be 99 & sunny. As per usual the weathermen were wrong & it was 80, light rain at times & cloudy. It was perfect! My parent's have a great yard that is very photogenic so I took over 200 pictures. I am sharing lots of them with you!

Liam, Preston & Parker
The boys decorated their bikes and had a parade for us up and down my parents driveway. Preston went slow & waved. Liam & Parker rode 90 mph & stuck their tongues out at us as they went by. 
Next year I am going to get them candy to throw. They will love it but us spectators will be all bruised up.
Me & Travis. 
I look about 4 months along here. Good Lord...time to get ass moving!!
Parker being Parker
My Dad. 
Kids....this is what too much beer does to you when you start drinking early in the day. Note that he keeps the beer upright while napping. Very important.
Preston & my Mom (a.k.a Chickie)
Preston & Parker. Loving brothers!
Me & my best friend of the night ... Sangria (YUM!)
Travis and his best friend of the night .... Corona!
Cindy (my aunt) & our friend Julie.
The funny line of the evening came from Julie. I was talking about Twitter (my new addiction) & she said, "what is the difference between a 'Twit' and a 'Twat'?" Oh my ... we laughed about that all night! For the record she meant between Twitter & Facebook. 'Twat' became the word of the night & we did not let her live it down!
Waiting for Parker to fall in the pond.
Preston holding his rolly polly bug
Preston, Sonny, Liam & Parker. My Dad paid Liam $5.00 to eat a 1/2 a hot dog. Travis and I were waiting for him to puke like he usually does when he eats anything but Top Ramen Noodles. He kept it down & got his $5.00 from Grandpa.
My Mom
 Justin and my sister Sundee.
Travis, me & Preston
Sundee, Me & Chickie. Who got the height in the family?
Cindy & Sonny
Peace Flower Child
Liam, my Dad, Preston & Parker
a.k.a. Grandpa & his boys. 
My dad supervising the fireworks.
Travis a.k.a The Pyro
Travis kept putting fireworks in the pegs of Liam's bike then he'd yell "ride fast". Oh, my sister loved watching her son tear off with fireworks coming out of his bike!
Annual water balloon fight. My sister & Sonny spend hours filling these balloons. They never invite me to their party because I can't tie balloons. Darn!
Liam & Parker trying to steal one of the coolers of balloons.
Even my dad played this year. He likes it until he gets hit.
Water balloon baseball