Friday, June 7, 2013

Oh, Shed!

My dad rocks! My dad is retired and extremely bored. I was joking with him over the winter that since he built my sisters dog a dog house that he should build us a shed. I kept telling him it was the exact same thing he just needed to make it way bigger. He called us one day and said to meet him at Home Depot, a.k.a. my second happy place, to buy the wood. His boredom overtook him and he was ready for a project!
The happy builders! 
We had a few arguments over the windows. He didn't want windows, I did. Once I bought the windows he wanted them on the ends (north/south) so the shed would get better ventilation. Yes, that is probably true, I was just trying to make it cute. So windows on the front, the colors I wanted, and we were good to go!
As a joke my dad put that moon on the door thinking it would bug me and I'd "squak" about it. I love it! I totally ruined his day when I left the moon up and told him I was going to paint it yellow. Besides saving us a bunch of money by building a shed rather than buying one, it kept  my dad busy for a few months. See, my dad rocks! Now I just need him to get bored enough to build us a chicken coop. My angle is going to be it's bigger than a dog house, but smaller than a shed!