Monday, November 28, 2011

Rainy Day Trees!

I am just now posting these pictures, but this was actually on November 12. It was a cold rainy day and the kids could not go outside. They were bored & asked to put their trees up. Normally I am very anti-Christmas before Thanksgiving, but since their rooms are upstairs I thought what the hell. I don't have to look at them for the next six weeks before Christmas rolls around. They both spent all day working on them, Preston placing each ornament very carefully. He takes this kind of stuff very serious. Now maybe I can get them to do the family tree in the living room. I hate decorating Christmas trees!
Notice the dog. Preston put her Christmas hat on her and she didn't move for hours.

Monday, November 21, 2011


This is a very fun first grade project! The kids bring home turkeys to decorate. The only rules are you have to be creative & it should be a family project. You can decorate them with anything you want, but with both of our kids we ended up using food.

Since Parker is a total junk-food-junkie, we went with a junk theme. Not sure how the row of dog bones ended up on it.

My favorite part is the eyeball. It is a leftover Moody's Mad Eye from the Harry Potter Party.
Here is Preston's from when he was in first grade. He is a much healthier eater so he has a healthy trukey. I will say that my counter tops have improved since this turkey was created. :)

Monday, November 14, 2011


Thanks for making the move! I am still trying to work out a few bugs, so hang tight.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Crazy Hair Day!

Our kids wear uniforms to school (best thing ever!). They get so excited when they get to have any kind of break from the normal. During Red Ribbon Week, a.k.a. Anti-Drug Program, they got to have a few dress-up days for recognition of the program. This was from crazy hair day. Parker was going for the nerd look. Not sure if he achieved it.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Real or Fake?

Come on! Mind out of the gutter people! :)

About a week ago, Parker lost another tooth. He is totally freaked out by blood and losing a tooth is so stressful to him. The tooth had been loose for a while and Travis had been trying to help it along with dental floss. Anytime Travis would get anywhere near him Parker would scream out in pain. Travis could be a foot away, and Parker would scream out in pain. I always have to floss him because it is easier than listening to him.

So back to the tooth. I did not see it happen, so you'll need to pick a version of the story. Sunday morning Parker and Travis were wrestling around on the floor and the tooth came out. According to Travis, Parker rolled over him and hit is mouth on Travis' foot and the tooth flew out.  According to Parker, they were wrestling and Travis kicked him in the mouth "hard on purpose" so his tooth would fall out. OMG the screaming was deafening! It is so hard not to laugh when he is wailing about it.

Fake teeth. Parker got these for his birthday a few years ago. He loves them! He still has them and thinks he is so funny when he slips them in before it is time to brush & floss.
And the real teeth. His one snaggletooth just cracks me up! It is also loose. I'm sure if Travis would give him one more good kick, it'd be out.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Professional Photographer!

This just cracks me up! I took the boys to Gardner Village the Sunday before Halloween to take their costume pictures. That day there were a handful of professional photographers there doing family portraits. It was a beautiful sunny day which is not ideal for taking pictures. Because it was so bright you had to use something to block the sun on the camera.
Here you have the professional way. You have your assistant hold up the reflective store bought block while you take the pictures.
Here is the Brandy way of doing it. You use the cardboard from the bottom of a case of water. You hold it yourself in one hand and your camera in the other. I am a pro all the way! :)