Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Invention Fair!

Preston's last major school project was the fourth-grade invention fair.  Honestly, by this point we were all sick of doing school work and projects so we went simple. Preston is all about basketball so he came up with these shoes with springs in the bottom to help with jump shots. I found some cheap shoes at Savers and let him have at it. I guess that all that matters is he got a good grade.
He spent the two hours of the invention fair jumping up and down showing all the spectators how high his shoes made him jump.  Poor kid. He was so hot and sweaty by the time we picked him up from school. We were worried that he would break his neck so he only had one shoe on. I was so glad when this project was over. Besides the fair, they had several reports due and research on other inventions.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Mom's Day Garden!

Since we moved out of our old house, I have desperately missed having a garden. Ok. I've missed having grass too, but really missed having a garden. Last year when we started working on the yard it was too late to get a garden going. By last fall we had it in and ready to go this spring. I told the boys the only thing that I wanted for Mother's Day this year was to get the garden planted. My wish was granted! We spent all day planting, tilling, and watering. It was great!  I 'll admit I went a bit overboard on the plants. I was so excited to have a garden again that I kept buying plants at every store I went to. If they actually grow, we will have veggies coming out of our ears! Look for a full fall harvest report!  :) 

Before shot. This picture was taken last spring.
Ready to dig. You can see my pots marking where I want the garden made.
During. My dad brought a backhoe to dig up the existing dirt. This house has the worst dirt I've ever seen. Anywhere we are planting we have to remove the dirt and replace it with something that plants can actually grow in.
Mother's Day planting! Yea!
Peppers. Funny thing is, I hate peppers! I think I have six pepper plants. Told you I went a bit overboard!
I found these cute little row markes at my favorite store, Target, in the dollar bins. They don't tell me what is planted in the row, but they sure are cute!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our Little Picasso!

Last week Parker came home with a note from his art teacher saying his art had been selected to be in the school art show. I have no idea if he entered, if he was just chosen based on his work or what. I honestly didn't realize that the school had art shows! The show was on Monday night and he came home from school that day saying that someone had bought his art piece. Huh? Again, I know nothing about this. We went to the show, he got his certificate, and looked at his work along with the rest of the pieces on display. The next day I was at the school for a book fair and several employees said to me how wonderful it was that someone bought his art. Again, huh? Still lost. The problem? I want it on my entry table! Not sure if I'll ever see it again though.  So proud of him!
 He had two pieces of art in the show. One is that purple piece below his left elbow.  Cute but I am not entirely sure what it is.  :)
This is the piece that I love that supposedly is sold. It would be so cute framed on my entry table.
Daddy's boy by his art piece.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Me and My Matty!

Finally, I found My Matty! I knew he'd show up someday!  He is my main man, my main squeeze, my true love.  Sorry Travis, I'm outta here!
Hubba, Hubba!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Alta, Rustler Lodge!

One of my favorite times of the year is our annual weekend at Alta staying at The Rustler Lodge. This property is beyond nice. The staff is wonderful, the food is to die for, and you can't beat waking up with beautiful mountain views. The first day we were there it was warm and sunny. According to my skiing family, the snow was slushy and not great conditions. The non-skiing me sat at the bottom of the lifts in a comfy chair, taking pictures, reading and totally relaxing.  The slushy snow gave Parker the excuse to beg and beg to go to the pool. That kid would live in water if he could.
 Time for a rest!
 I have to walk up a hill to take skiing pictures. It is not a hard walk, but I always feel like an idiot when everyone is skiing by me & I'm walking UP A HILL! I do love the pictures that I can get from the hill though.
 You've gotta love zoom lenses. Looks like I am right there instead of sitting on my arse at the bottom of the hill. old is he??

 My ski spot. Chair, book, drink.  I'm set!
When I am standing on the hill waiting for the boys to come down, I get bored. I will take pictures of whatever I can see. I thought these trees with some sort of fungi on them were quite pretty.
Oh, Preston was mad at us! We signed the boys up for Kids Club the first night we were there. The kids go and make a craft, have dinner, watch movies, play ping pong & pool. Travis and I got dressed up and went to the bar and to dinner. Preston was ticked! He kept saying "I am practically a teenager". Sorry dude. You are 10 and dad and I are going out. 

Day two and we woke up to this. It was beautiful! It snowed about 9" overnight then by afternoon there was well over 14". It was so much fun!
My little car was covered.

You can't beat swimming in very warm water with the air temperature below freezing.