Wednesday, August 31, 2011


On Sunday we celebrated my mom's 68th birthday with homemade ice cream and brownies. I'll use any excuse to make ice cream!

Happy Birthday, Chickie!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Let me start off by saying, I hate school fundraisers! Every time some neighbor kid comes to my door selling over-priced wrapping paper & candy I want to scream. I toggle between feeling obligated & thinking take your crap and leave. With that said, my boys' school is having their annual fundraiser.  Each fall their school sells magazine subscriptions. The only reason that I don't hate this fundraiser is because I am a magazine addict. Before they sold magazines at their school I was ordering the magazines anyway, so it's a bonus that they can make money off of it. The school gets to keep 40% of the price of the magazine subscription. Most of the magazines cost less to order through the school than what you can get elsewhere, and they have a good selection. So if anyone is interested you can either email me with the title(s) you are interested in and I'll get you the prices or you can see the selection here: Magazines.  If you are interested in ordering, I can fill out the form and you can just send me a check. They also have an online order form. If you want to order online let me know. I will get you the school code and names to use so they are credited to the kids as selling them (If you don't use the code the school will not get credit). Deadline to order is: Thursday, September 11, 2011.  DO NOT FEEL OBLIGATED! DO NOT FEEL OBLIGATED!! **Update** Thanks for the emails. The link is not working properly. You will need to click "Just Browsing", then "Not Ready to Select" then "Let's Go Shopping". If you want to order after browsing, I'll get you the code.


Thursday, August 25, 2011


Everyone we know has warned us how hard fourth grade is at our school. I literally have been dreading it since kindergarten. The first week of school Preston had maybe an hour of homework, no problem. Monday he brought home grammar, spelling, math, Spanish, writing and reading. OMG! I know this is just the tip of the iceberg. It took him (us) 2.5 hours to get it done. This is going to be LONG year!

The thing I notice in this picture besides the organized books (that's my boy!) is how long his legs are. He is 9 years old and within an inch of my Mom. He thinks it's funny and she hates it!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Day Lilies!

One of my favorite flowers to have in my yard are Day Lilies. I think they are pretty, they are perennials, and they are super low maintenance. Like I've said quite a bit, I like my yard to look like we spend a lot of time out there, but really don't spend much time at all. Well, not much time at all once it is in!  Day Lilies can take full-sun, part-sun, and do ok in all shade as well. They spread each year so they are good to use to fill up your flowerbeds. They bloom this time of year, and the thing I really like about them is even when they are not blooming they still look good. Most perennials once they are done blooming you have to cut them back or they look bad. Not day lilies. The green part of the plant still looks good. I have planted about 20 plants and they are just starting to bloom. I am already looking forward to next summer when I can get more!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day of School!

I am a little slow posting this, but Monday was the boys' first day of school. As usual the summer went too quickly, and as always filled with "we should have done this and we should have gone there". Preston started 4th grade and Parker 1st grade. I am really happy with the teachers that they got. Hopefully they'll both have a great year.

The boys and I got lazy towards the end of the summer and alarm clocks ringing early Monday morning were painful. I did not ease them into the school routine, we just went cold turkey. We made it to school on time, but did have a few minor hiccups.  About 5 minutes before we were ready to leave Parker informed me that his new, just out of the box shoes were too tight. Then he got ticked when I told him that he couldn't wear them to school so we could exchange them. I am so thankful that he wears a uniform. He is a picky dresser! He spent a good 20 minutes the night before playing Eenie Meenie Minie Mo with his new underwear trying to decide which pair to wear. So off to school he went in his too small, muddy play shoes that have a hole in them. The principal and vice principal did a shoe check (uniform compliance) first thing that morning. They probably thought, "poor kid in ratty old shoes". Our second hiccup was the traffic - OMG! The first week of school is usually a traffic nightmare anyway, and this year there is a lot of construction to add to it.  I was so glad we left very early! The last hiccup was when we actually got the the school and I had my trusty camera in its normal place - around my shoulder. I turn it on and nothing! I'd left the battery at home in the charger. Luckily I found my friend and borrowed hers, thanks Sara!

So here's our cute, growing too fast boys, on the first day of school.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Boys' Bathroom!

Another room done. This is the upstairs bathroom, aka the boys' bathroom. I wanted to do some sort of sports theme in here, but it just was not coming together. I ended up using some of the decor that I had at the old house then bought a few things. It seems really plain to me, so I may add a few things if I come across something. I wish I would have made their bathroom about 2' bigger than it is. Too late now, eh?

I got this sign at Wood Connection. I love the saying on it. I wanted to hang it out in the loft, but it ended up here. I may end up moving it when I decorate the loft. Hmmm....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


At the boys' school the kindergarten class grows sunflowers. On the day they bring them home, it is so cute watching the kids come out of the school carefully holding them after warnings from the teacher not to spill them. They are holding them too tight and taking baby steps on the way out. It is surprising to me that they live.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Rachel's Wish!

I read this story last week, and it has really stuck with me. I know it has been all over the media, but I wanted to post the link here for it. This little girl, Rachel Beckwith from Seattle had a request for her 9th birthday. She didn't want gifts, only money donated to the organization Charity Water. This non-profit organization helps people in developing nations have access to clean water. Her goal was to raise $300.00 by her birthday in June. Unfortunately, she was $80.00 short. Sadly, in July Rachel was in a car accident that took her life. Since her death donations to her site have been pouring in, and as of tonight her site has raised $826,621.

Click here to read Rachel's story.

Click here to donate.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Soccer Two!

Here is soccer boy #2. He does not love soccer like Preston does & he does not take it seriously like Preston does. In fact, I've yet to find anything he takes serious. His team won every game, really without any effort. I think the closest score was 15-3. Hmm . . what to do with him, what to do?!?!?!

Monday, August 1, 2011


The other night I was working out and my right shoe got a big hole in the toe. So.....

This should not be a blog worthy subject, people need shoes everyday. The issue? I have big feet. We're talking big. I've always had big feet. Because of this I absolutely hate shoe shopping. I hate shopping in general, but really don't like shoe shopping. Or jeans shopping. Anyway, My feet are a size 10 on a good day, but really a 10.5 is best. Problem? 95% of shoe companies don't make shoes past a size 10. Some (not many) make an 11, but only very few make a 10.5. An 11 is way too big, and honestly they look like clown shoes. (Like a 10.5 looks any better.) About 13 years ago I had surgery on both feet and my doctor said that my problems were due to wearing cheap shoes (thanks Payless!) So no more cheap shoes and I try hard to find some that actually fit. As far as athletic shoes my doctor said to buy New Balance. He said they cause less foot stress than any other athletic shoes. My lucky day! New Balance Makes a 10.5! They don't sell them in stores so I have to order them directly from New Balance. They are pricy, usually about $100.00 but they fit & don't hurt my feet. Yea! Online they have so many colors, very important for a girl who wants the world to be painted PINK! So any other hard to fit problem feet out there? Visit New Balance!