Thursday, March 29, 2012

St. Patty's Day Parade!

As usual we went to the annual St. Patty's Day parade down at the Gateway. It is the only parade that we attend each year, and we all love it. This year Preston wanted to ride on the school float, and that really pissed Parker off because I told him he was not old enough. Mean mom! To make up for it, I let him be our photographer for the day. We have a good 100 pictures of dogs, or parts of dogs, but not much else.

Yep, he's ticked off! What is with the girl sitting in her stroller behind Parker? Her mom had that screen thing in front of her face almost the entire parade.
The tattoo on his cheek says, "I Love Irish Boys". He thought it was so funny!
Irish Fans!
Preston on the float.
Some dog.
The back half of some dog.
The feet of some band.

Monday, March 26, 2012

With a Chick, Chick, here and a . . .

Once or twice a week the boys insist we go to IFA to see the baby chicks.  Preston likes them, but Parker loves them! He will sit there and whistle to them and they totally react to it. They will get right up into his face and cheep away! The boys and I really want to get backyard chickens. Several of our friends, and a few neighbors have them, and they are so funny to watch. Travis is totally not into this idea. That guy is just lucky our yard is not done yet, or our family might be growing!  :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Pied Piper!

You all remember the recorder right? About once a month Preston has music homework. It is Cricket's favorite day!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Friday, March 9, 2012

Really, Wolly Mammoths!?!

At the same time we were doing Parker's Penguin Project, Preston had an assignment to make a Wolly Mammoth. Ok, this project sucked! It was not at all fun like the Penguin Diorama. The instructions that came home were hard to follow, hard to read, and said that the kids were to do the project themselves. Based on my informal survey, these projects were done by four-letter word using, Wolly Mammoth making mom's the day before they were due. This project was hard, and did I mention it sucked?!? Even though I could not get him to stand-up on pipe cleaners, per the instructions, I Preston still got an A!

Preston helped by stuffing the sock with shredded newspaper. That was the end of what he could help with.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


In January the first grade kids at our school spend the month learning about penguins. At the end of the month they have a penguin party and show off their penguin dioramas & their penguin knowledge. It is a really fun unit & the kids love it. At the beginning of the month, the kids get assigned a type of penguin to research and base their dioramas on. Parker got the Rockhopper Penguin. I thought I was being the organized mom that I like to be, and at Christmas time I bought a bunch of snow stuff knowing that this project was coming up. When Preston had this assignment in first grade, I had never heard of it. Looking in stores in mid-January for penguins and snow was next to impossible. So I was being cocky and bought lots of snow and snow flakes in December. Well guess what? Rockhopper Penguins don't go in snow! Figures?!?! So bottles of snow, cotton, snow flakes, etc., right in the trash.  :)

Parker's first round of spray painting the Styrofoam was not successful. He held the can too close and it totally blew the foam away. The paint eats at it until nothing is left if you don't put it on a little at a time. So we had to start over.
The project is supposed to be done by the kids with parental supervision. I hot glue gunned the penguins together and made the background for the box, but Parker did everything else. At his insistence he learned to use the glue gun. Of course, he burned himself!
The finished project!
I looked around everywhere for plastic penguins to use, and I could not find them anywhere. I was at Michael's, looking for penguins of course, and they had some Easter Ducks on display made out of clay pots and foam balls cut in half. Luckily my thinking cap was on & I thought they would make cute penguins. Cute and cheap!
At the party they made penguin snacks out of Oreos. The kids were eating them faster than they could make them.
At the party the kids sat at their tables with the dioramas & the parents, teachers & other students walked around to look at them. The kids were so excited to share their knowledge.
A good sized group of the high school students came over to the displays. They had a list of questions to ask the kids about their projects and "test" them on their knowledge.  Our school is all on one campus so there is a lot of interaction from pre-school through high school.  The older students are so good with the younger ones. The younger kids are in awe of the "cool" high school students and the fact they came to see their work just made their day. You can just see Parker's head sticking up over his diorama. I have no idea where we got such a short kid from!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Chatty Cathy!

Parent teacher conferences were a few weeks ago at school. It was the usual except for one thing, we had a child get marked down in citizenship for talking in class. Ok, admit just thought of Parker didn't you? HA! It was Preston! This is the point that I should be upset, talk to him about it, tell him not to talk while the teacher is lecturing, etc, etc. Nope! I was so happy that I literally clapped my hands together, grinned ear to ear and said "yea!" This is our son who did not say his first word until he was three years old. Our son who was so quiet that we had to keep home in pre-school on days there was going to be a fire drill because he could not handle the noise. Our son who sat through kindergarten and 1st grade without ever raising his hand even if he had a question. He'd sit there with a blank paper on his desk, doing nothing, rather than ask a question. Our son who in 2nd grade would only speak up if the teacher addressed him directly and approached him. Our son who in 3rd grade finally started to come out of his shell, but would never talk outside of appointed times. Our son who this year actually got marked down for talking!! I was thrilled! I don't think his teacher saw the positive in it that I did, but I'm ok with that! Keep on talking, buddy!
This is Preston with his friend, John.  John is also pretty quiet but not to point that Preston is. I would guess that his citizenship looks about like Preston's since that is who Preston is getting marked down for talking to.  Way to go guys!