Monday, November 7, 2011

Real or Fake?

Come on! Mind out of the gutter people! :)

About a week ago, Parker lost another tooth. He is totally freaked out by blood and losing a tooth is so stressful to him. The tooth had been loose for a while and Travis had been trying to help it along with dental floss. Anytime Travis would get anywhere near him Parker would scream out in pain. Travis could be a foot away, and Parker would scream out in pain. I always have to floss him because it is easier than listening to him.

So back to the tooth. I did not see it happen, so you'll need to pick a version of the story. Sunday morning Parker and Travis were wrestling around on the floor and the tooth came out. According to Travis, Parker rolled over him and hit is mouth on Travis' foot and the tooth flew out.  According to Parker, they were wrestling and Travis kicked him in the mouth "hard on purpose" so his tooth would fall out. OMG the screaming was deafening! It is so hard not to laugh when he is wailing about it.

Fake teeth. Parker got these for his birthday a few years ago. He loves them! He still has them and thinks he is so funny when he slips them in before it is time to brush & floss.
And the real teeth. His one snaggletooth just cracks me up! It is also loose. I'm sure if Travis would give him one more good kick, it'd be out.


  1. I love the claim that Parker rolled on top of Travis' foot. It's a hard knock life when you're 7.

    I'm very amused by his fake teeth. You should let him wear them to the dentist. ...j

  2. Honestly I think Travis kicked him in the face so "hard on purpose " that it made Parker Poop out sixlets.... just sayin