Monday, July 2, 2012

Slippery Sunday!


For those of you outside of Utah, I have to tell you that it is so damn hot here! It is at least 99-100 everyday, high winds and smoky air from all of the forest fires that are burning. It sucks!! It has not rained for something like 40 days and everything is so dry. Looking outside it looks like it is late August. Plants and grasses are struggling, and weeds are brown and dried up. For a girl who only likes when it's cloudy & cool and absolutely loves rain and snow, it has been a crappy summer so far!

Yesterday Travis rented a big trencher to dig the sprinkler trenches in the back yard (poor guy in the heat), and the boys decided to get their Slip and Slide out to attempt to cool off. We are total white trash and do everything in our front yard. It is quite a site! It is especially funny when we BBQ out there. Picture it now, BBQ the driveway, Travis sitting in a lawn chair with a beer in hand cooking. We are pure class all the way! I'll snap a picture of that next time he's out there. It's great!


  1. That last picture of Preston is pretty good. Its raining here now. Been raining for a few days. K.

  2. Front yard, back yard, potato-potahto, wet grass is wet grass and it's paradise for the boys! ...j

  3. WHAT!!!!! and you didn't invite my 4 year old daughter to this you know she was looking for cheap tarp or whatever to take to the 4th of July bash so everyone could do this... instead the poor thing had to do cartwheels all day.. #shereallyispeterpan