Monday, May 6, 2013

Hose Reel Post

Travis and I have this ongoing argument with the hoses. When I use a hose, I leave it laying on the ground where I used it. Ok. I know that is not what you are supposed to do, but I do it anyway. I don't care if it's on the grass, in the dirt, wherever. I leave it there until I use it again then I drag it to that location and leave it there. It drives Travis NUTS!
This is how Travis does it. He rolls it up in a nice coil and sits it on the dirt. He does this each and every time he uses the hose. Yes this is what you should do, but I don't. I should note, this is exactly opposite of how we do everything else. I am the total OCD person and keep things neat and tidy. Travis not so much.

At the old house we had these cheap plastic hose reels that you rolled up the hose on. When we moved two of them got a crack and we threw them out. I decided we needed a more permanent reel. I saw one in our neighborhood that was posted on 2x4's and my wheels started turning. I headed off to my second happy place, Home Depot, and decided this is what I wanted.
I love how it turned out. We bought a 4x4x8 post and cut it in half. Travis cemented it in the ground about 15". When it dried I painted the posts, then Travis attached the hose reel. It is so easy to use and I actually roll the hose up now. We have two more to put in. Until then...those hoses are laying on the grass.  hee hee.


  1. I love you leave them on the grass. That is not you at all! Lisa.

  2. Fabulous idea. I love the way you mounted it with the metal reel. I use one of those plastic hose boxes with the reel inside and I hate it. When I tug at it from a distance it tips over and it's a pain.