Monday, February 21, 2011

Crazy Hair Day!

A couple of weeks ago it was Catholic Schools Week at the boys' school. They have a book fair, grandparent lunch, hat day, crazy sock day and crazy hair day. They also do a big fundraiser for Heifer International and the classes compete to see who can raise the most money. Preston's class raised enough to buy 2 trios of ducks, and Parker's class bought 2 cows. One of the things that I love about their school is they are always doing something associated with community service, volunteering, raising money, food drives, etc. I think it is a wonderful learning experience and hopefully something that will stay with them as they grow up.


  1. Love the hair, your own two little Kramers. I get the Heifer catalog each year before the holidays. I think it's a fabulous charity.

    Preston is looking so much like his dad these days. Hugs! ...j

  2. they have your thick hair. K..