Sunday, February 13, 2011

Superbowl Sunday

Ok. This is the first time I've seen my blog on a full-sized monitor. OMG .. It looks huge! I've been using my laptop since May where obviously the screen is much smaller. It looks like I am yelling everything, and the pictures are taking up half the screen. So sorry to those of you viewing it on a desktop. I'll have to figure out how to shrink it down.

It has been another busy week here. I finally have all of the boxes unpacked, but not everything put away. Being the anal organized person that I am, I am cleaning and organizing everything as I go. We just have way too much crap!  I have already packed up 5 boxes of stuff, as well as 4 big garbage bags of clothes for donation. I've decided that if it is something we don't use often, and it just sits around, it's gone! Same for the smaller clothes that I'll wear when I lose weight - gone!  Goodwill will get plenty of those.

In addition to the unpacking and organizing, I've got a killer cold that is slowing me down. Along the lines of not having strep throat for years then I got it in January, I've not had a cold in at least three years. Yep, they suck too!  I am always a huge vitamin taker. I take a lot of Vitamin D & C, calcium, and a multi-vitamin. In our being homeless state, vitamins were a passing thought & I rarely took them. I am convinced that this is why I've been getting sick this year. I am back in my routine now because I am not enjoying this!

Anyway, on to Superbowl Sunday. Being the non-football family that we are, we spent the day on our annual sledding outing at Soldier Hollow. Three years ago we discovered that this was the perfect place to go on this day because nobody else goes there. Everyone else is at home, on the couch, with nachos & a beer (or Diet Coke if you are from Utah). :-) Normally this place is packed with lines to get on the tow rope, and lines to get down the hill. This year it was the most crowded it has ever been for us and I counted 25 people, some of which may have been workers.  It was great!  As the afternoon went on the slopes got icy and slick. Each time I'd go down I'd slam into the safety fence at the bottom and the boys thought this was a hoot. See if I fit into those smaller pants that I'm donating, I wouldn't slam into the fence.  :-)

The fam. Preston, Me, Travis & Parker

This is Preston & Travis coming down the hill. As you can see . . . the place is pretty empty!
Parker. Love his tongue sticking out.
Parker really did the lazy man sledding. Besides the tow rope taking us to the top of the hill, Travis pulled him in the places he should have been walking.


  1. I feel bad if I don't take my vitamins for a week. I'm sure that is why you are getting sick. Miss you. K.

  2. What a great time! I should start my own tradition for Superbowl Sunday. Hmmmn shopping perhaps? ...j