Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kids Birthday Party Gifts!

Since the kids started school & began to get invited to kid birthday parties, I've struggled to find gifts for them to take. You want something age appropriate, easy to find (a.k.a. at Target), something that the birthday kid will like, you don't want to spend a lot of money, but a gift that doesn't make you look cheap. After years of dreading the invite because of the whole gift thing, I started buying gift cards. This year I added a personalized candy bar that doubles as a card.
I match the candy bar wrapper to the party theme. This one was obviously Pirates of the Caribbean.
I always get the gift cards from Target (my favorite store), but for some reason Preston wanted me to get one from Wal-Mart (not my favorite store).
When Preston was getting ready to go to the party Parker went upstairs and made this card/gift. I thought it was cute and sweet, but Preston was really embarrassed & didn't want to give it to his friend. When we dropped Preston off, Parker went right in and put it on the gift table. I am always so impressed with Parker's spelling. He has always been able to spell without working at it, and rarely spells anything wrong. His handwriting? Not so impressive.


  1. Love the personalized candy bar and gift card idea. Target is my fave too.

    Parker is an excellent speller for his age. I think the pencil and pennies is such a sweet gesture. You have taught your boys the art of being kind and gracious well! ...j

  2. That is cute and it looks easy! K.