Thursday, October 6, 2011

Parker's Party!

I am using the term "party" very loosely! We had cake and ice cream with my family and called it good. I felt a little guilty since Preston got such a big party. I justified it in my little head by thinking that Preston didn't get his first real party until he turned 10 so Parker has a few years.That works, right?

Parker loves the Paul Frank Monkey, a.k.a. The Target Monkey. It is next to impossible to find anything with this cute little monkey on it. I ended up copying some ideas from our Harry Potter party, changed it to a monkey & called it good. The closest cake we could find was Curious George. I wanted to get a plain cake & decorate it with a few things I made with Paul Frank pictures, but Parker didn't go for that. Oh, well.  A monkey is a monkey.

For a good nine months now Parker has wanted a Ground Force Drifter. I had wrapped his presents after he went to bed on Saturday night so they were just sitting in the living room when we got up on Sunday morning. When he saw the size of this box he came running into our room yelling "I got a Ground Force Drifter". I almost felt bad that the box was a much more affordable gift of skateboard / bike ramps. Good thing that he loved them & was not disappointed. I can guarantee that the second he sees Santa this season the first words out of his mouth will be "Ground Force Drifter".
Have you noticed I keep taking closeup pictures like this with a blurry background?  hee hee. I got a new lens that I love. It automatically blurs the background without having to Photoshop it up to make it this blurry.  A standard lens will blur the background, but not this much. It is not the bigger lens that I have been saving my pennies for forever, but a fun little lens to use.


  1. I love the Target Monkey! Did you make those magnets, they are adorable! You are so incredibly creative. I also love the ramp, what a cool gift!

    When my kids were little I set the expectation they could only have a friend party every other year with family parties on the off year and it worked out pretty well.

    BTW I love the autumn wreath! ...j

  2. He looks like he is finally getting taller. Lisa.