Monday, February 20, 2012


For a while now I've needed a new small chopper. Not a big all out food processor, just something to cut up a few things here and there. I had one that you cranked by hand, but over the years the blade had gotten so dull that it was really a workout to chop an onion. A few weeks ago at Target I just happen to see this little guy. I'll admit, the thing that caught my eye was the color.  When I saw that it was Ninja I was hooked.  Between the color, the brand and the price of $19.99 I was sold! This little baby is great! It can chop an onion literally in seconds. It has so much power that if you are not careful you'll liquify your veggies. I give it 5 stars. If only I could figure out how to make little stars with a keyboard shortcut! 


  1. I saw that at the store and was wondering about it. I want one. Miss you. K.

  2. Cool. You would make Ron Popiel proud! ...j