Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday 2012

Per our usual Super Bowl Sunday tradition, we spent the day in Heber sledding then went out to dinner. My kind of football celebration! Thanks to Groupon, Soldier Hollow was more crowded than normal, but still not really crowded. We had to wait once or twice for the tow rope but not for more than a minute or so. The thing very noticeable this year was the lack of snow. The sledding hill was covered in snow, but it was mostly man-made. It was also really warm. We all started off in our warm clothes and kept taking off layers as the day went on. It was a fun day and the boys loved it!
The boys are playing on a big pile of snow that is right next to one of the snow making machines. You can see over their shoulders how little snow there really is.


  1. The snow looks wonderful even if it is not real. We have hardly had any. K.

  2. Sparse snow is better than no snow. What a fun family outing. I love Preston's hat, it makes me smile. ...j