Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Morning Lip!

On Easter morning after all of the excitement was over, the boys had gone to the basement to play with their new bouncy balls. I was up in the kitchen cooking, and I heard Parker scream out. I told Travis to go and check on him because that was his, "I'm hurt" cry. A minute or so later Travis carried him up and he was covered in blood all over his face, arms and clothes. They came over to the sink and I started looking at his mouth where the blood seemed to be coming from. I found three deep cuts in his lip and it was bleeding like mad! He panics at the site of blood. He absolutely freaks out! He was screaming that he was going to die. Poor kid. Turns out he had hit his ball into the ceiling of our unfinished basement and a piece of sheet metal fell and hit him right on his lip. It took a good hour of ice, cold water and pressure to get the blood to stop. In the meantime I'm on the phone with Kids Care trying to figure out if we needed to bring him in. The few places that were open early on Easter Sunday said they don't do stitches on the face, especially in kids. Our only option was to take him to the E.R. Ok. So my bad mom kicks in here. Every time I hear "E.R." I see dollar signs. I know that sounds terrible! By the time I was done talking with the nurse at Kids Care, he was doing a bit better. The bleeding had mostly stopped and he was napping in Travis' lap. So we decided to give it a few hours to see how he was doing. If the bleeding started back up, or he was in pain we'd take him to the hospital immediately. When he woke up he actually felt pretty good (considering) and the bleeding stopped. I was very surprised and very thankful. He was tired for the rest of the day, but he felt ok. I was worried about scarring but that night it looked so much better. The funny thing is, he got  a new lacrosse helmet last week. He has not taken that thing off for more than five minutes at a time since he got it. He took it off right before they went downstairs to play. If he had kept it on, the sheet metal would not have touched his face. I am so thankful that it did not land on or near his eyes.
This is not a great picture. I've yet to master the zoom on my iPhone.


  1. Poor Parker. What a trauma. I'm with you, after the initial bleeding has stopped along with the drama, sometimes letting them sleep it off is best. You are a good mom. ...j

  2. That is sad. Poor little kid. I hope he is doing better. Lisa.

  3. Man that is deep it hurts me just to look at it.....poor guy