Thursday, April 26, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt 2012!

For the boys, the Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma and Grandpa's House is a really big deal. My parents live on two acres, so they have endless places to hunt for the 200+ eggs hidden there. The Bunny treats them well at this hunt, even putting money in the eggs. Funny how the Easter Bunny at home can never compete with the Easter Bunny at the grandparents!

No time to stop!
My parents have the most photogenic yard. I love it!

Ok. Maybe I should not have laughed at this but I did. Preston and Liam were going for the same egg. For the first time that I can think of Preston put his size and his weight into doing something and knocked Liam flat on his ass! It made me happy inside, ok maybe on the outside too since I giggled. Preston is easily pushed around so it was good to see him fight for something, even if it was an egg!

Ok. Seriously, 200+ egg for three boys?!?!
Grandpa and Preston. I love this picture. My dad cleans up well. If you don't know my dad you won't think anything of that statement. If you do know my dad, you know what I mean. The guy hardly ever "cleans up" so you have to acknowledge it when he does.
You can hardly see his cut lip in this picture. This was right after we took the ice off of it so the swelling was down. It puffed right back up after the egg hunt.

I felt a bit bad for Parker. He is normally the fastest hunter and can be aggressive when he needs to be. Like if someone is going for an egg he wants. In this picture he had just dropped one of his eggs and his money and candy fell out. He was not feeling all that great because of his lip, he was tired and not moving fast at all. Sonny was trying to help him a bit (thanks Sonny!) and my sister helped him a little.  She hid the eggs and knew what direction to send him. Even with help he got the least amount of eggs by far. Preston, my kid with a good heart, started giving him the eggs he was finding. Then at the end of the hunt I asked Preston to share some of his eggs so they had closer to the same amount. Preston did this without arguing of feeling bad about it. I wish I could say the same for the third egg hunter who didn't offer to share, or offer to help.  He was far too busy saying he got the most eggs. Of course, Parker still had plenty but still.....
I love these boys! You can tell by Parker's "smile" he's not feeling 100%.

There is that Flat Stanly making another appearance.


  1. I love it that Preston has such a tender heart. He looks like he's sprinting in some of the pics. I think it's funny that he used his size on Liam in the one shot. It is a beautiful yard! What a great day. Too bad about Parker's injury.

  2. The color in your pictures is so sharp. They look really fabulous. Karen.