Tuesday, June 5, 2012

School's Out for Summer!

The boys' last day of school was back on May 25th. I am just slow posting. The last week of school they have Field Day and it is total chaos and it is so fun for the kids. They have inflatables, run various relay races, play kickball, dodge ball, basketball, tug-o-war, and other stuff I can't remember. Each year Travis takes the day off and he and our friend Devin are in charge of dodge ball. They both fit right in with the kids and they have so much fun. This was Preston's last year for Field Day. Next year they take all of the fifth-graders bowling for their elementary school graduation. I absolutely hate that Preston only has one year of elementary school left!

Ok, stupid me. I forgot to take my camera. Seriously?!? It is practically my third arm and I forgot it. I was not happy to be taking pictures with my iPhone. I know that people just rave about photo quality on the iPhone. Yea, it is fine for a phone but it just doesn't cut it for me. I took probably 30 pictures and only got a few that were not blurry. The color is fine with the phone, but the clarity is just not there. I won't be forgetting my third arm again!


  1. The pictures look fine to me. Lisa.

  2. Great pics - I especially love the sac race on the football field. I think it's so great you are such a photo bug! ...j