Friday, June 1, 2012

Teacher Gifts!

Yet another year of school is over. Yikes! Time goes way too fast! At the end of each year I normally make a little something for the teachers and give them a small gift to go with it. When the kids are in younger grades I try to do something with the kids' photos. Both boys have a teacher and an aid in the classroom. I do a bit more for the teacher than the aid, but still need to get four gifts.
 I made these for the teachers. I am really into Subway Art right now, but I don't like these. They are two sided, one side with teacher words and one side with student words. I almost didn't give them to the teachers because I think they are stupid. However, I didn't want to go and spend more money to buy something else.
I made this for Parkers's teacher who I absolutely love. She is the best teacher that either of my boys have had. I am going to miss her! I used the pictures that the class had taken to make Mother's Day gifts and just put them on a magnet board. It worked out for me that I was in charge of printing all of the pictures for Mother's Day. I ran home and copied the cd before I took them back to school. I have all the kids' names under the saying, but I've blurred them out for my blog.  When Parker's teacher opened this she thanked me for making her cry. I guess that's good. 
I also got some bread, jam and cookies at Kneaders and put cute bows on it all. Gotta love Kneaders!


  1. You should be a professional gift-maker. I love the subway art and the one for Parker's teacher is incredible! No wonder the boys teachers treat them right, there are presents in it for them!

    Kneaders makes such beautiful and tasty food too!