Friday, August 24, 2012

Let the homework begin!

The first day of school was on Monday. Preston was really excited to be back in class and see his friends. That excitement was dashed a bit when he brought home two hours of homework that night. Parker is lukewarm on the entire thing. Last year he had the best teacher and he is feeling it's downhill from here. We'll see how it all goes. At least this year I remembered to bring bring my camera AND the battery and didn't have to borrow one.

Before school and ready to go. Parker was pretty nervous and had his binkey with him.
Preston happy to be in his classroom.
Parker also happy to be in his classroom. Hmmm.........


  1. Parker looks so happy. Lisa

  2. Such handsome boys! Isn't it great to get back into a routine? ...j

  3. 2 pz 2 cute LUV em