Friday, October 5, 2012

Skippin' Back to the 4th of July!


Long time to talk. I have had a few requests for our pictures from the 4th of July, Bear Lake, and our yard. No promises on how fast I'll get them up, but I'll try.

We always spend the 4th of July at my Mom and Dad's house. It is my favorite day of the year to go there. There is a lot of adult beverages, friends & family, adult beverages, food, adult beverages, fun, oh and yes, adult beverages. My dad's birthday is a few days before the 4th, and Jessa's a few days after, so we have one big bash.

Everyone this year was complaining that it was on a Wednesday, middle of the week, blah, blah. However, we loved it! Travis' day off is Wednesday so it was one of the rare times he got to come to a party on time. It was great. (Yes, he works all holiday's but Christmas and Thanksgiving unless they happen to fall on a Sunday or Wednesday. It sucks!)

So here you go...Happy 4th of July in October!

 Travis' right hand man for the day!
My nutcracker collecting mom even has a cracker for the 4th of July. Recently my parents were updating their will. I made my sister promise to take my mom's nutcracker collection! She was thrilled - not! Hey, I don't want to get stuck with them!
 My dad's beer birthday cake!
 I handed my sister my camera and asked her to take our picture. I don't think that photography skills run in the family. I also don't think she realized she would have to actually stand up to do it.
 My mom, a.k.a. Chickie, and my dad.
Cindy, Jessa & Sonny
 Jessa & Parker
Chickie and Cindy
Me & Preston
Stephanie, Dan & Bea (yes I know Steph's eyes are closed but it's the only one I took)
Debbie, Dottie, Mary, my Dad & Boyd
Travis and his mom, Pat a.k.a. Grandma Kitty. When Travis invited her I was nervous. My side of the family is the complete opposite of his side of the family. However she was just fine. She had a good time and sat and chatted with everyone.
 Sundee & Jessa. For Jessa's 21st birthday we both bought her a bottle of wine to celebrate. About 1/2 way through the day we were running out of yummy Sangria so Sundee stole her present back to use it in the drinks! Jessa didn't want to give it up!
Preston learning to play badminton
Parker thinks he already knows how to play.
Water balloon baseball time! Each year my sister and Sonny spend hours upon hours filling these little balloons. Luckily, I've never masted tying them so I'm never invited to their water balloon filling party. Damn! Everyone loves it though! It starts out as a very organized baseball game, then all hell breaks loose!
All day, my dad's comment to my sister, "do you need me to get you a turtleneck to put on?" Same comment year after year.
Are we white trash or what? Sipping beverages in the pool!
My dad has one pair of these safety headphone things. Every year at firework time, the boys fight over them. You think he'd get two more pair, but he never does.


  1. YEA !!!!!!!!! thanks fun day as always.

  2. Fabulous pictures! Let the good times roll! Perhaps your boys should save up and buy another set of ear protector/headphones for Christmas for your dad. ...j

  3. I was seriously missing these pictures. Keep posting please! Miss you. K.

  4. Thanks! I enjoy the pictures. So glad you're blogging again. :)