Saturday, December 11, 2010


Each year for Christmas I make the grandmas a calendar with the kids' pictures. Being the anal, organized person I am, I normally make one page a month, at the end of the month of the current year. i.e. The end of January 2010 I would make the pages for January 2011. That way the pictures are fresh in my mind, and I don't have to rush and do it all at the end of the year trying to get them done in time for Christmas. This year, my organization is right out the window. I can't get anything done, can't remember to do anything, and I can't ever find anything! So here it is, December 11, and I just made the January & February 2011 pages. Two months down, ten to go! Christmas is in how many days?!?!


  1. just wrap them as is. maybe they won't notice you didn't finish them...Lisa

  2. Those are great. you have to finish..K

  3. What a fabulous idea and a ton of work! I'm sure your mom and mother-in-law look forward to them every year. Those are the coolest! I hope you show the other spreads when they are done! ...j