Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Week 12 Recap

Things are cruising right along this week. The cabinets were delivered on Monday & installed on Tuesday. I like how the color turned out. We cut some corners in the bathrooms and in the laundry room to reduce costs. I don't think anyone would ever notice what we changed on them & I'm not telling. I'll just say that it was over a well over a thousand dollars worth so I could get the color I wanted. :-)

The electrician is there today hanging lights. It will be so good to have lights installed. Right now there is one flood light that we carry from room to room so we can see. The plumber is also there putting in faucets and toilets. This build has been so many decisions that it is about to push me over the edge. All along I have said, "I swear if he calls to see what toilets we want I am going to lose it." Sure enough he called this morning. I pretty much said, "one that flushes, and it's not pink." Enough already!

Travis is in the process of putting in the hardwood floors. Poor guy. All he does is work at work then he comes home and works at the house. We are trying to do as much as we can ourselves to cut costs. We've said all along that this move will only be worth it if we can keep our house payment the same as our old house. We were on board until the interest rates took record jumps this week. UGH!

Laundry room
Master Bathroom


  1. i like your colors & all the space. when do you get countertops? L

  2. Love the color of the wood, and especially the black! Looks mah-vel-us! ...j