Saturday, December 18, 2010

W is for. .

Friday at school was Parker's kindergarten Christmas program. My mom and dad came to watch it, and Parker was thrilled to have them there. Behind the kids on stage, they had a screen set up with a projector and on each slide they had a letter of the alphabet with a little saying that one of the kids would read. It was things like "A is for Apostle who . . (did something), B is for Bethlehem where Jesus was born, C is for . . (something), D is for Donkey who carried Mary . ." etc, etc. After maybe 5 letters they would sing a song then keep going with the alphabet. They got to "W" and my dad leans over and says in a totally impatient voice, "Are they going to do the whole alphabet?" Yep, Jer, I think they might just keep going with X, Y, and Z!

Parker is in the top row, fifth from the left (leaning forward.) I need a new zoom lens so I can get better pictures from far away. My friend Kathy keeps telling me, no, I "want" a new lens but I am pretty sure I "need" one. I am also pretty sure I "need" a new DSLR to go with that lens. I "need" to keep finding pennies on the ground because my coin jar is not nearly full enough for either one. ;-)


  1. you do NEED one! ..Lisa

  2. I'm with you. Camera lenses and accessories are a need, not a want. Especially with the number of pictures you take.

    Perhaps if you had couch cushions, you would find some money. Try looking in your mom's chest of drawers. ...j