Thursday, January 6, 2011

Week 15 Recap

Another boring week on the home front. Between the holidays, and the weather, not much has changed. We finally got the appliances all straightened out and Travis got them installed. After the microwave being broken, and the dishwasher being white, we thought we were set on the stove. Yesterday we went to install it, and it didn't fit in the space. The countertop guys left too much of an overhang on the granite so they had to come back today and cut it down. The appliances should not have been that much work!  There is not a lot left to do on the inside.  The painter started working today, and he said he should be done by Tuesday.  The carpet is scheduled to be installed on Wednesday, and that will finish up the inside besides just a few minor things here and there.

The outside still needs some work. It has been SO cold here that they've not worked. The highest we've been for the past week is about 25 degrees. Burrr!  The stone is up, but it still needs to be bricked & the stucco is not even started.  They also need to pour concrete for our front walkway & put the rain gutters up. That still sounds like a lot of work to me! I don't have pictures this week, since everything looks the same as last week.

Parker played "stunt man" for hours at the house yesterday. He had the dishwasher box inside of the stove box, and he was happy and content for hours. Please excuse my complete stupidity on video cameras. I can't figure out how to flip the video landscape, so you'll just have to tip your head totally sideways to watch it. I am much more of a still picture kind of camera operator!


  1. That kid is a kook! you've got your hands full with that one!...K

  2. It was worth tilting. Go figure! Nothing like cheap thrills Spiderboy! ...j

  3. I like how he plays dead when the box tips before crawling out. LISa