Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week 17 *FINAL* Recap

The house is officially done - yea! This past week the painters and the electrician finished up, and I cleaned and cleaned. The inspector came and went and everything passed. As of today, we are living there. We sleeping are on the floor, but we are there.  Our plan is to finish cleaning out our storage shed tomorrow, and the movers come on Tuesday to help us unload the trailer.  I'll admit, I am dreading the trailer! 

Thanks to all who have followed the house progress, and asked about how it was going and if we were (finally) done yet.  I really appreciate it!  Now, you'll have to listen to me ramble on about decorating & yard work!

Like the little white fridge?  It's our garage fridge that Travis moved in until our good one comes out of storage.  I think the idea was to put food in it, but it only has beer, wine, milk & Diet Pepsi. Gotta keep the beverages in a convenient location :-).  I am really not happy with how the stain turned out.  The painters were supposed to do a clear coat, then put the black on top of it. The idea was to match the cabinets. Well, they did the black first then the clear coat. They worked on the door in the kitchen, but it's still not quite right. I'll admit that I just kind of let it go because I did not want them in the house for two more days to fix it. If I decide I just can't stand it, I'll re-do them myself . . . someday!
Parker has this thing about taking pictures of our toilets. When we moved out of our old house I downloaded the pictures one day and found about 15 shots of our toilets from the day we moved out. I found this one from the new house on the camera today when I downloaded. Perhaps I should put my camera out of sight before it takes a swim.

Posting may be a bit slow for the next couple of weeks. I have not yet set up the Internet at our house - gasp! You'd think the addict that I am that is the first call I would have made!


  1. love the potty! get your internet up and running. miss you. ..K

  2. Your series of posts on your building progress has been really fun. I've loved the pics and it's been fun to see shots of the family on your moving journey.

    Gotta love Parker's toilet fixation!