Friday, January 14, 2011

Week 16 Recap

We are so close! Our builder got ticked at the company doing the outside, so last Sunday they sent a crew of 12 guys over and got the outside finished. I love how the stone turned out, but I think that extra tall third car garage that Travis had to have looks goofy. I think a normal 8' high garage would have looked much better. Oh well. He jokes that when he gets a bigger truck it will fit. Ha, the jokes is on him because his next car is going to be a Honda Civic that gets 55 mpg.

Anyway, the inside is almost done. This week the carpet came, the missing light fixtures arrived, the rails went up, and blower for the fireplace was installed. The thing that has sucked is we had to have the inside totally repainted. The ceiling was fine, but all the walls, doors & trim needed to be redone. That took three days, and they still need to come and stain the rails and a couple of doors on Monday.

Monday will also be our final inspection. After that is completed, it will hopefully be just a few days waiting for the bank then we can close - yipee! 

Our builder said we could go ahead and move stuff into the garage, so if it is not snowing on Sunday we plan to spend the day cleaning out our storage shed.  The storage shed is going to be the easy part. It is pretty small. It is the 45' semi trailer that is going to take some work.
This rail will be stained the same color as the cabinets.
The master bedroom. You can just see a tiny paint sample taped to the wall. We are thinking we will paint that wall a dark brown. I am a bit worried it will be too dark. Of course, you can't tell on a bright sunshiney day.
Master bathroom.
This is the loft area that is between the boys' rooms. I love how their rooms are not next to each other. I won't have to listen to them both yell how the other one is being too loud, or knocking on the wall, or keeping the other one up at night, etc.
This is in the loft between the boys' rooms. My big plan is to make this area into a homework/computer area. I'd like to get them a new desk, put some shelves up, and have an area for books. We'll have to see how that all comes together.
Finally, a picture of the outside. The house was under a big tent for so long that we'd forgotten what it looks like. The yard area is a mess. Because of the weather we can't do a final grade on the dirt so it will be a huge mess for longer than I care to think about.

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  1. The outside of the house is so beautiful Bran! And I think the 3rd garage looks great. Hopefully you will never have to sell, but it does make a difference for people that have boats/rvs.

    I'm also in love with the master bath. I'm envious. Perhaps when I have fewer people in my nest, I can remodel a bathroom or two.

    The loft area is also a fabulous idea for a reading/study area. You have totally outdone yourself! ...j