Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Front Yard

We are just starting to work in the front yard to get it ready for landscaping - yea!  Travis and I are both very into yard work and we are both itching to get started. We were out tilling the other day and I took some pictures so we could remember what we started with.

We started talking about how we wanted it to look and each drew what we had in mind. Being the computer junkie I am, I did mine in PhotoShop so I have a few more details than Travis. This is what I came up with:

My goal is I don't want very much grass in the front yard because we have such a big back yard. I am all about little maintenance so I like ornamental grasses & day lilies for color. My clip art is corn stalks & sunflowers because that is all I had.  But you get the drift.

This is what Travis came up with. He went all out! You can just see his line that he drew with a purple pen. I wonder if he is going to have any plants?  :-)

As far as the front our next step is start digging for the sprinklers. We are just going to dig the front by hand because there is not much to do. Our goal is to have the front completely done by the end of June. Not sure what, if anything, we'll get done in the back this year.

We have been getting bids for the fence (OMG!). I am so thankful that the back and most of the west side is done. Thank you neighbors that were here first!  Just to do the east side, the gates and 35' more feet on the west side it is just over $6,000.00. Yes, that is me you can hear choking!

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  1. Great vision on the front Bran. I love the idea of lillies and flowering plants with low maintenance. A small patch of grass is plenty in the front.

    I hope your sprinkler system is affordable. I had mine re-done last year and it was 9k. The pipes had frozen and burst under the sidewalk.