Friday, March 25, 2011

Preston's Room

Besides the little bathroom, Preston's room is the only room that is finished (except blinds). He was a champ unpacking his boxes and putting his stuff away. He had a very hard time in our homeless state. He likes to be organized, he likes his "stuff" and he likes that stuff in its place.  I think out of all of us, he had the hardest time with the move.  He was so relieved to get his things out of storage & get it all put away. After we were mostly settled, we did not see him for about three days. He stayed in his room enjoying every minute of it.

We had wanted to buy him a full-sized bed but money ran out before we got it. Hopefully next year we can get that and a new dresser, both in dark wood. I totally think that the foam finger on the little shelf looks like it is holding up its middle finger! The little shelves came from Hobby Lobby & I love them. They were easy to hang and affordable. I don't like shelves that you can see the brackets and these are hidden.
He loves books. His old bookshelf was too small so I went and got him this one at IKEA. It is almost full! He has recently started liking posters.  I sooo wanted to tell him that he couldn't hang them.  But, I always had a room full of Shawn Cassidy, Michael Jackson, Charlie's Angels, and Grease posters so I didn't say anything. For now, I'll just be happy that his posters are of Harry Potter & Mario, not girls!

I want to get rid of his firetruck comforter, but he loves it. I found him a cute, more grown up one at Pottery Barn Kids but he didn't want it. When we get him a bigger bed he won't have a choice.

Preston has had this stop sign for years, but when we moved he added the "if brother" on it. Too bad it doesn't actually stop Parker from going in there.


  1. It is a cute room. Let him enjoy the young stuff for a while longer. The time will come soon enough that he won't even let you in there.

    Love the shelves! IKEA has some great stuff.

  2. that stop sign makes me laugh.i bet parker does not even look at it as he runs in.