Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Birthday Bash!

I was looking for an excuse to buy these cute cupcakes from Target and luckily last weekend was my aunt's birthday. I also used that great excuse to make homemade ice cream! YUM!

These were just white cupcakes cut in half, then different colors of  frosting to make the hamburger & condiments. They were so cute!

This homemade ice cream recipe has been in our family forever and it is perfect each time! I don't like cake, but I swear I could eat the entire batch of this!


  1. Simply adorable. I've never attempted making ice-cream. I'm sure I would botch it up and end up with a runny mess. You are quite the culinary queen! ...j

  2. i'll have to check our target. those are cute! Lisa

  3. You and P are great party planners :)