Thursday, June 16, 2011

Planting the "fun stuff"

I have been spending time out in the yard getting things planted, or as I call it "the fun stuff". I've had it with moving dirt and carrying around pieces of sod, I want to plant! Most of the stuff you see here is what I bought last year at my mom's work for 80% off. We've spent a lot of money on dirt, which I hate. I think it sucks to spend money on dirt. For hell's sake .... there is dirt everywhere but you have to pay for the good stuff!

So anyway, I am a total low maintenance gal when it comes to yard work, but I don't like it to look low maintenance. I use a lot of day lilies, ornamental grasses, and ground cover.  98% of my plants are perennials to save money in the long run, and again little maintenance. We have a big spring clean-up and a big fall-clean-up. Summer the plants are pretty much on their own. In the spring I put down a TON of Preen so there is little or no weeding. Things just grow and I cut them down in the fall. 

This view is the west side of the yard and the window you can see is the master closet. There are still some pots sitting around up by the house. That is stuff that goes in the backyard that we are not ready to plant yet. The pot you see towards the front (right) side is Parker's kindergarten tomato plant. I think it was intended to be my mom's day present, but he claimed it. 
Not sure about this tree. I love the looks of it, but it needs some shade & it is going to get very little where I have it planted. I guess we'll see if it lives.
This is my shade bed that is right outside of my office window. Behind the tree in the back, I plan to put in bleeding hearts. I am waiting until June 25th when Okubo's has their big 50% off sale to get them.

For the most part we are done in the front. We decided to wait until next year to do the fence. The 8'section will run from the side of the house to the neighbors driveway, then a 3' high section will run from the end of that to the street. Our neighbors are really not happy with us about putting in a 3' fence. But we really want something to divide the two properties, plus contain our ornamental grasses because they get huge. They will be thrilled we are running out of yard money and not doing it this year.

So I guess now we are moving to the back yard. We have about 35 more trees sitting at my parents house that need to be planted. That involves buying more of that da*n expensive dirt! :-)


  1. looks good. you got me hooked on grass & lilies. LIsa.

  2. I LOVE the stonework on your house and the plants are great. I also love the shade garden and the beautiful weeping red tree. What fabulous taste! ...j