Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Semi-Green Grass!

We spent the day today laying sod - yea! I bought this sod last Saturday & surprised Travis with it. (Yes it was a nice surprise for him because the guy has an unnatural love for grass!) Anyway, my dad went and got it for me on Saturday morning and brought it over on Saturday night when Travis got home from work. He worked in the yard for about 45 minutes before it started raining, and raining and raining. Finally by Tuesday morning it had cleared up. Today was the first day we could actually get out there and work.

The final touches on leveling the dirt.

Sod ready and waiting.

My dad and Travis putting in the first pieces.


Now ... the back!
Hmmm...I can see significantly more work in my future!


  1. it turned out nice. man, your back yard is big. good luck with it. >>k..

  2. your back looks huge! Lisa