Thursday, August 11, 2011

Boys' Bathroom!

Another room done. This is the upstairs bathroom, aka the boys' bathroom. I wanted to do some sort of sports theme in here, but it just was not coming together. I ended up using some of the decor that I had at the old house then bought a few things. It seems really plain to me, so I may add a few things if I come across something. I wish I would have made their bathroom about 2' bigger than it is. Too late now, eh?

I got this sign at Wood Connection. I love the saying on it. I wanted to hang it out in the loft, but it ended up here. I may end up moving it when I decorate the loft. Hmmm....


  1. Looks good. you are to hard on yourself. Lisa

  2. Love the hooks and the iron boy shapes and of course the sign is my fave. You have such an incredibe decorating flair. HGTV hosts, step aside! ...j