Monday, August 1, 2011


The other night I was working out and my right shoe got a big hole in the toe. So.....

This should not be a blog worthy subject, people need shoes everyday. The issue? I have big feet. We're talking big. I've always had big feet. Because of this I absolutely hate shoe shopping. I hate shopping in general, but really don't like shoe shopping. Or jeans shopping. Anyway, My feet are a size 10 on a good day, but really a 10.5 is best. Problem? 95% of shoe companies don't make shoes past a size 10. Some (not many) make an 11, but only very few make a 10.5. An 11 is way too big, and honestly they look like clown shoes. (Like a 10.5 looks any better.) About 13 years ago I had surgery on both feet and my doctor said that my problems were due to wearing cheap shoes (thanks Payless!) So no more cheap shoes and I try hard to find some that actually fit. As far as athletic shoes my doctor said to buy New Balance. He said they cause less foot stress than any other athletic shoes. My lucky day! New Balance Makes a 10.5! They don't sell them in stores so I have to order them directly from New Balance. They are pricy, usually about $100.00 but they fit & don't hurt my feet. Yea! Online they have so many colors, very important for a girl who wants the world to be painted PINK! So any other hard to fit problem feet out there? Visit New Balance!


  1. It's a dang cute shoe too! It's ok to carry the same purse all the time, but a girl can never have too many shoes and of course they must always be high quality. I also like Nike.

  2. I love New Balance shoes as well. I was having foot pain so I went to the foot doctor. She told me to buy New Balance for exercise. Thanks. Anita.