Monday, August 22, 2011

Day Lilies!

One of my favorite flowers to have in my yard are Day Lilies. I think they are pretty, they are perennials, and they are super low maintenance. Like I've said quite a bit, I like my yard to look like we spend a lot of time out there, but really don't spend much time at all. Well, not much time at all once it is in!  Day Lilies can take full-sun, part-sun, and do ok in all shade as well. They spread each year so they are good to use to fill up your flowerbeds. They bloom this time of year, and the thing I really like about them is even when they are not blooming they still look good. Most perennials once they are done blooming you have to cut them back or they look bad. Not day lilies. The green part of the plant still looks good. I have planted about 20 plants and they are just starting to bloom. I am already looking forward to next summer when I can get more!


  1. Beautiful colors! They look almost tropical. I only have one or two. I'm going to have to plant some next year! ...j

  2. I love that pink one! looking good. lisa