Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Eve

Our tradition is to have Christmas Eve at my parent's house with family and friends. We have wine, dinner, wine, the kids run around, wine, play games & a visit from Santa.
 My mom has literally hundreds of nutcrackers. Preston loves them! He is always trying to steal a few and take them home. It drives my mom crazy!
 The kid table. Parker, Preston, Sonny, Liam & Jessa.
 Grandpa & Preston
 Me, my mom & sister (Sundee). I guess that when my sister got to my mom's house she kept asking my mom if she looked too much like a hooker. She thought her sweater was too short. When I pulled in & got out of my car she said to my mom, "Never mind, I look fine". I am 5'8" & my sister is just shy of 5'4". Of course my sweaters are short!
Welcome Santa & Mrs. Clause!  This is Travis' brother Jeff & his wife Tammy. They stop by each year for a little visit & the kids love it. Preston has never figured out who it is & never seems to put much thought into it. This year when they walked in the house Parker yells, "That is Uncle Jeff & Aunt Tammy". Thanks Parker for letting your older brother know!
 Jessa, Sonny & Cindy
 Chickie & Cindy
 The whole famdamnily! My aunt & her family from Boise sent us all these cute cups with candy & gifts inside. They are so cute! They are personalized with our names and cute cut-outs on them. They were a hit! Thanks Lori, Erin, Tom & Nick!
 Parker & Travis
My dad & his hooker girls!
 The boys. My mom got them plastic wine glasses & "kid wine". They thought it was great. Parker likes it a little too much though. He scares me!
 More please Aunt Sundee!
 My Mom & Dad
Our friends Dan & Bea
Cookies out for Santa!


  1. Man, those pics are the best! I love your editorial comments, but I'm sorry to say while you may have tried you still don't look like a hooker. Try false eyelashes, implants and stiletto shoes with fishnets. Aren't family parties great?! ...j

  2. So cute my hooker friend!..K.