Monday, January 30, 2012


The other night Parker got in trouble (shocking I know!). He got sent to his room & while he was up there he started packing. He had a duffel bag stuffed with a pillow, his puppets & a book.  He came downstairs in shorts, soccer socks, shoes & a hoodie. He got on his bike in 11 degree weather & rode off into the dark night. It was actually really cute! I wish I would have had my camera handy. He got to the corner of where is not allowed to cross alone & turned around and came home. We were all laughing so hard that it really pissed him off. He said he was going to his friend Evan's house who lives in our neighborhood but he'd gone the wrong way.  It was classic!

  "Packet" he must have been in a real hurry!


  1. Poor Parker! You should tell him to take a flashlight next time. ...j

  2. OMG. That kid! you must laugh all the time with (at) him!..K..