Monday, January 23, 2012

The Green Machines!

For some unknown reason, my mom & dad buy the boys separate Christmas gifts. There are never gifts from "Grandma & Grandpa" it is "Grandma or Grandpa". The boys like the gifts from Grandma but they love the gifts from Grandpa. At the end of our inside gifts they start bugging Grandpa to go and see what is in the garage. He has had things like arcade games & four-wheelers out there so they know that is where the good stuff is. This year they got Green Machines. They love them! They seriously did not get off of them the entire Christmas break. They rode them so much that they had bruises on their lower backs from the seats. They sat on carpet, pillows, blankets, whatever to make it softer. I think that Preston lost 5# over the break because all they did was race around. I should get one. I think I put on 7#.  :) 



  1. I love the picture where Parker has his eyes closed. Great. K.

  2. What a cool grandpa! I suspect he's got a little bit of a boy inside him still. Lucky, lucky boys! ...j

  3. I have been looking at those for my daughter.They look very fun. Andrea