Friday, March 2, 2012

Chatty Cathy!

Parent teacher conferences were a few weeks ago at school. It was the usual except for one thing, we had a child get marked down in citizenship for talking in class. Ok, admit just thought of Parker didn't you? HA! It was Preston! This is the point that I should be upset, talk to him about it, tell him not to talk while the teacher is lecturing, etc, etc. Nope! I was so happy that I literally clapped my hands together, grinned ear to ear and said "yea!" This is our son who did not say his first word until he was three years old. Our son who was so quiet that we had to keep home in pre-school on days there was going to be a fire drill because he could not handle the noise. Our son who sat through kindergarten and 1st grade without ever raising his hand even if he had a question. He'd sit there with a blank paper on his desk, doing nothing, rather than ask a question. Our son who in 2nd grade would only speak up if the teacher addressed him directly and approached him. Our son who in 3rd grade finally started to come out of his shell, but would never talk outside of appointed times. Our son who this year actually got marked down for talking!! I was thrilled! I don't think his teacher saw the positive in it that I did, but I'm ok with that! Keep on talking, buddy!
This is Preston with his friend, John.  John is also pretty quiet but not to point that Preston is. I would guess that his citizenship looks about like Preston's since that is who Preston is getting marked down for talking to.  Way to go guys!


  1. I can just picture you trying not to laugh at this. Lisa.

  2. I could not be more proud of him! Way to go! One of his teachers to whom he hardly said two words all year :)

  3. Isn't it great to see your child grow in self-confidence and personality?! He is a great kid and you should be proud. He has come a long way and you have a lot to do with it as you have taken time to help him discover his interests and help him experience success. A great milestone indeed! ...j