Monday, March 26, 2012

With a Chick, Chick, here and a . . .

Once or twice a week the boys insist we go to IFA to see the baby chicks.  Preston likes them, but Parker loves them! He will sit there and whistle to them and they totally react to it. They will get right up into his face and cheep away! The boys and I really want to get backyard chickens. Several of our friends, and a few neighbors have them, and they are so funny to watch. Travis is totally not into this idea. That guy is just lucky our yard is not done yet, or our family might be growing!  :)


  1. How could you resist getting chicks for such a sweet Parker-face? You would have fresh eggs daily! Good thing they are always available at IFA. ...j

  2. that is funny seeing his face so close to them. cute!..K..