Friday, March 9, 2012

Really, Wolly Mammoths!?!

At the same time we were doing Parker's Penguin Project, Preston had an assignment to make a Wolly Mammoth. Ok, this project sucked! It was not at all fun like the Penguin Diorama. The instructions that came home were hard to follow, hard to read, and said that the kids were to do the project themselves. Based on my informal survey, these projects were done by four-letter word using, Wolly Mammoth making mom's the day before they were due. This project was hard, and did I mention it sucked?!? Even though I could not get him to stand-up on pipe cleaners, per the instructions, I Preston still got an A!

Preston helped by stuffing the sock with shredded newspaper. That was the end of what he could help with.


  1. It turned out cute. Glad I don't have to make one!.K.

  2. It did turn out cute. A little thick for the scrapbook, but cute! ...j