Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Alta, Rustler Lodge!

One of my favorite times of the year is our annual weekend at Alta staying at The Rustler Lodge. This property is beyond nice. The staff is wonderful, the food is to die for, and you can't beat waking up with beautiful mountain views. The first day we were there it was warm and sunny. According to my skiing family, the snow was slushy and not great conditions. The non-skiing me sat at the bottom of the lifts in a comfy chair, taking pictures, reading and totally relaxing.  The slushy snow gave Parker the excuse to beg and beg to go to the pool. That kid would live in water if he could.
 Time for a rest!
 I have to walk up a hill to take skiing pictures. It is not a hard walk, but I always feel like an idiot when everyone is skiing by me & I'm walking UP A HILL! I do love the pictures that I can get from the hill though.
 You've gotta love zoom lenses. Looks like I am right there instead of sitting on my arse at the bottom of the hill.
  Hmmm.....how old is he??

 My ski spot. Chair, book, drink.  I'm set!
When I am standing on the hill waiting for the boys to come down, I get bored. I will take pictures of whatever I can see. I thought these trees with some sort of fungi on them were quite pretty.
Oh, Preston was mad at us! We signed the boys up for Kids Club the first night we were there. The kids go and make a craft, have dinner, watch movies, play ping pong & pool. Travis and I got dressed up and went to the bar and to dinner. Preston was ticked! He kept saying "I am practically a teenager". Sorry dude. You are 10 and dad and I are going out. 

Day two and we woke up to this. It was beautiful! It snowed about 9" overnight then by afternoon there was well over 14". It was so much fun!
My little car was covered.

You can't beat swimming in very warm water with the air temperature below freezing.


  1. What fabulous pictures! I love the way the pic on the lift is so close, and the pool pics are great. Parker and his paperdoll cut-out in the pool makes me smile. I can't believe how much Preston is looking like his dad in the shot at the lunch table. I'm also amused by "your spot" what a great gig! ...j

  2. The snow looks wonderful! Lisa.