Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Invention Fair!

Preston's last major school project was the fourth-grade invention fair.  Honestly, by this point we were all sick of doing school work and projects so we went simple. Preston is all about basketball so he came up with these shoes with springs in the bottom to help with jump shots. I found some cheap shoes at Savers and let him have at it. I guess that all that matters is he got a good grade.
He spent the two hours of the invention fair jumping up and down showing all the spectators how high his shoes made him jump.  Poor kid. He was so hot and sweaty by the time we picked him up from school. We were worried that he would break his neck so he only had one shoe on. I was so glad when this project was over. Besides the fair, they had several reports due and research on other inventions.


  1. He looks SO tall next to the two little students checking out his project. ...j

  2. He looks like a white boy jumping bean! K.