Thursday, November 4, 2010

Week 6 Recap

It was quite a boring week on the home building front. Everything revolved around the "four way inspection". Apparently if you are in the home building business, the "four-way" is a really big deal. I did find out that the four part is electrical, framing, HVAC and plumbing. Basically everything that involves a wall that will soon be filled in with insulation and covered with sheetrock. The inspector wants a beam added in the garage for support, and just a few other little changes, then work can continue. I hope they get the shingles on the roof and the windows in before it starts storming this weekend. Anyway,the few things that got done this week was the electrical, tar paper on the roof, the bathtub and showers were delivered and the big news is the stairs were put in going up. Now we don't have to force Preston through the gap in the laundry room ceiling! I had hoped that the fun stuff was going to start about now. Things like picking tile, hardwood, ordering the cabinets (still up in the air), countertops, carpet & paint. However, this is proving to be a major stress. It seems that $1,000 is the magic number that everything is going over budget. The cabinets are $1,000 over, carpet $1,000 over, light fixtures $1,000 over. You get the picture. I can't wait for this all to be over!!


  1. This is great progress, now you can go upstairs with Preston. I hope the roofers take advantage of this 65 degree weather. I don't ever remember it being this warm this late in the year. ...j

  2. OMG! Look how far it is! I feel your pain. ;-0 K