Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Happy belated Halloween to everyone! I'll blame the delay on the Utah way of celebrating Halloween . . . never on Sunday! We trudged out with all the other fools a day early for trick-or-treating. Wait, wouldn't that make my post early, not late? Whatever! Due to our current homeless state we decided to trick-or-treat in our new neighborhood. It was cold and raining, but we had a good time. Of course, if we held Halloween on Halloween it would have been dry and much warmer. On Sunday, Halloween day, I took the boys to Gardner Village and took their pictures in their costumes. It is so much easier now to take their pictures that they are both old enough to stand there and smile.


  1. You are right about the Saturday trick or treating thing. For all of us from out of state it was a wierd thing to adapt to. I made my kids stay home the year it fell on a Sunday because I wasn't going to send them out on the wrong day.

    Parker is the cutest Mario ever and I LOVE Preston's Sherlock Holmes. Taking them to Gardner Village was a stroke of genius. I love that place. Hopefully they are already making new friends in the new neighborhood. Can't wait to see this week's update. Hopefully things are moving along with our warmer weather. See you!

  2. Where is your pirate costume? K