Thursday, November 11, 2010

Week 7 Recap

Another boring week on the home front. The big inspection last week resulted in some changes being made. Apparently our inspection went better than most, and had fewer changes than a lot of homes have. Well, I'd hate to see another house because it has taken all week to work on changes and they are still not done. No inside work can continue until all of these changes are made and the inspector approves them. Some of the changes I am on board with. He wants another support beam for the second floor put in the roof of the garage, and a few other support issues. I'm fine with that. But then he has some dumb things like moving and adding lights. Really, why should he care, or have any say in where we have lights. He wanted one added on the wall (not ceiling) of our stairs leading to the basement. There is already a light at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom. If we want to fall down the stairs in the dark, in the privacy of our own home, shouldn't we be allowed? Besides I think two lights lighting one staircase is plenty. Ugh. So the few things that have been worked on this week include: the windows were installed, the driveway and front porch poured and the roofer has been doing shingles. The roofer is just one guy and he's up there from morning til night. I'd have to guess he is absolutely freezing. I should take him a nice hot coffee. He's wearing a Notre Dame hat so I'd have to assume it's ok. :-) So here's to hoping that next week things get kicked into gear!

My dad sent some of "his guys" over to flatten our dirt out. In our budget the builder allowed for $3,000 dirt removal so it nice we were able to flatten most of it out, and will only have to haul away a little bit.

We put these hand prints right by the garage. It was freezing, and the boys were complaining how cold their hands were. I was determined to get them done.


  1. If he's not wearing a BYU hat you are golden. Get him a starbucks! Miss you! Lisa

  2. It's good they were able to pour cement and work on shingling the roof. Those are the two big deals before snowfall.

    You will love having the boys handprints!

    On a side note I heard from Leslie and she is going to Paris later this week with her daughter-in-law for 8 days. She said she wants to do lunch some time after she gets back.