Thursday, April 28, 2011

Midnight Snack!

Parker is a total junk food junkie! He would eat candy 24/7 if he could. We have had issues with him sneaking into the pantry and eating anything junkie he can get his hands on.  For a smart kid, he can't seem to figure out to throw away the wrappers. He leaves them all over the place & he is busted.

For the obvious reasons he loves Halloween, Christmas and Easter. My kids have enough candy in their baskets to last for years. On Sunday night we were putting the kids to bed & I went to give Parker a boost over his toddler rail that is on his bed. I put my hand on his butt and I felt a "crinkle, crinkle". I asked him what was on his bottom and he looked at me, totally straight faced, and said "nothing". I felt again and asked him if he had Easter candy in his pants. Again, "no" but this time with a bit of a giggle. I pulled his PJ's down and he had a pack of Sixlets in his butt crack! We were all laughing so hard that I could not get after him. He just wanted a midnight snack. Needless to say, those Sixlets went far, far away!

As you can tell by the shape, they are the perfect size for a butt crack snack!


  1. LOl LOL funny and gross. Lisa

  2. still laughingggggg..........K

  3. That was laugh out loud hysterical! I guess now you can legitmately call him sweet cheeks. ...j